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The Alpha Omega Chapter has grown into a successful organization with over 500 alumni brothers today. We cherish the rich tapestry of experiences, wisdom, and accomplishments the brothers and alumni bring to our community. From the moment a brother joins our fraternity, we instill in our members a profound appreciation for the legacy and contributions of those who came before us. We actively seek opportunities to foster meaningful connections between our current members and alumni, understanding that their guidance and mentorship are invaluable resources.


Through alumni events, reunions, and networking opportunities, we ensure that their presence remains an integral part of our fraternity's journey. We celebrate their accomplishments, embrace their stories, and honor their enduring commitment to our shared values. Our fraternity cherishes our alumni as a testament to the everlasting strength of our brotherhood, creating a bond that transcends time and creates a sense of unity that will last a lifetime.


If you would like to have your information added to our database, would like to get involved with the chapter, or make a donation, please feel free to reach out to me at


I am thrilled to serve as the VP of Alumni Relations for this year and strive to continuously bring the Alpha Omega chapter together.

- Simran Kaur

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