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With over 100 members and 30+ majors, the Alpha Omega Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi is proud to have endless talent ranging from all ages and backgrounds!  The professional development of our members is at the front of our pledge and initiation process, ensuring that they are ready for years ahead of opportunities and networking. 

Our Chapter feels extremely grateful to partner with numerous companies throughout the year. These collaborations enable us to organize educational events, office visits, and networking sessions, to provide valuable experiences for all our members. Working with companies from various business sectors allows the diverse range of majors in our chapter to learn and network about the area of business they are excited to dive into both during their college career and postgraduate. 


As we continue to expand our network, we are always seeking new partnerships. Collaborating with our chapter not only allows for ease of recruitment efforts on the business end but also helps promote your company’s positive repetition and brand both in our chapter and on campus. 


For any inquiries regarding our partnerships and the professionalism of the Alpha Omega Chapter, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Vice President of Professionalism, Davis Mati-Çoçka, at


With your support, we look forward to investing in the future of your company, and future business leaders!

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